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Klondike adventures and Game review

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Klondike adventures: is a collection of choice based episodic story games available for Android and iOS devices. The game consists of multiple different stories and each story is divided into different Klondike adventures. Moreover, each story revolves around different characters. The game can be little difficult later, that’s why you may need our Klondike adventures.

The gameplay is quite impressive as every story is altered in accordance to the choices a player makes in it. The game is very popular and has 57,000 different stories for the players to play. It also has a record of 6 million registered players who have viewed over 3 billion Klondike adventures so far, which adds to 57,000 years of combined viewing time. Each of these stats is an achievement in itself for the game!

Step 1: Download the game on your pocket platform i.e. Android or iOS. On iOS, the game is over 17O MB and size of Android versions of the game depends on the device.

Step 2: Create your profile by just answering 3 questions which are a) Your favorite movie, b) Favorite place and c) Favorite actor. Choose a name, gender, and appearance of your character. The appearance includes features such as hair style, shape of face, eye color, nose shape, lip shape, skin tone, outfit, etc. or player can randomize and choose a random generated player. After creating the profile, all the stories played get linked to your profile. You can check out profiles of different players globally and start following them to check the trending stories on Klondike adventures.

Step 3: Go to hack page, and start using Klondike adventures right away.

Step 4 (optional): Connect to any social networking account i.e. Facebook or Google plus and you are good to go. Connecting to social networking accounts enables you to check stories created and shared by your friends, view recently played stories, and much more.

Klondike adventures

Read on, to know some of the interesting things about Klondike adventures!

The game contains different stories which appeals to all users as the stories are classified broadly into genres such as Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, and Comedy.
Players can completely alter the course of game anytime they want as the story is altered as per the choices made in the game. Every time a choice is offered to the players, a different story course is triggered depending upon the choice made by the player.
There are lots of elements in the game that can be changed entirely by the players, which are looks of playable and non playable characters, appearances, clothes, etc.
Some of the elements which cannot be changed in the game are background, music, theme as they all are dependent on the type of choice a player makes.
Users can download the game for free but there are lots of features in the game that can be purchased with real money.
Passes are one of the game currencies of Klondike adventures: which can be used to purchase or unlock new Klondike adventures of the story. Players can obtain 4 free passes in every 3 hours or they can choose to purchase it with real money. The third option is to use our Klondike adventures.
Resources are secondary currency which can be used to accelerate your progress in the game. Every day 2 Resources are awarded to the players, so you have to either be very patient in the game or ready to spend real money in acquiring Resources. And same like with passes you can also generate Resources with Klondike adventures tool.
You can Play and Replay each Klondike adventures multiple times as each time the story will have different course depending on the choice you make. This gives user a passive control over the events of the game and thereby enhances user experience.
You can choose from different stories which fancy you or be the creator and contribute to the ever increasing story base of Klondike adventures. The Create Tab gives the user complete freedom to create a story of his dreams and gives them an opportunity to play it
You will never succeed in creating a perfect story if you just try it once. Remember, success requires hard work, commitment, and complete discipline. So, write multiple stories and work on the possible outcomes. Try to give dramatic and huge alterations to stories by making a selection of different choices.
Many a times, you will be required to complete a certain task which may take some time and till that time your story is stuck. So, don’t get annoyed, but wait for the right time and you will see that the patience will be worth the wait or just use Klondike adventures cheats.
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Choices Mod APK 2.3.4 / Choices: Story You Play Hack - GET UNLIMITED KEYS & DIAMONDS - Android/IOS

Choices Mod APK 2.3.4 / Choices: Story You Play Hack – GET UNLIMITED KEYS & DIAMONDS – Android/IOS

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Are you unable to generate plenty of Diamonds and Keys for playing your favorite story in Choices: Stories You Play game? Do you intend to spend real money on buying Keys so that you can unlock the next chapter? If the answer to both these queries is in positive then wait!

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About Choices: Story You Play:
Choices: Stories You Play is a fun packed package of choice based role-playing games, which is developed by PixelBerry Studios. The game provides players with lots of different stories to choose, and in each story you will play as a central gaming character. The outcome of the story entirely depends on the choices that you make in the story, sometimes it can get difficult but we have a fully working Choices Hack as well.

The game features stunning graphics and entertaining stories, which can keep you hooked to your devices for a long time. The best feature of the game is that you can keep playing your favorite stories until the outcome of these stories satisfies you, which means that as per your choice you can change your past in the game.

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One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world!
✦ Customize your main character
✦ Fall in love, solve crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures
✦ Pick your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates
✦ Control what happens next in immersive visual stories!

Current stories include:

❖ THE FRESHMAN – Welcome to Hartfeld University! In this college drama, you’ll make new friends for life and find true love romancing your schoolmates. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris… or all three at once?

– Dress your character in fashion-forward outfits for events like a sorority rush.
– Choose a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal.

❖ THE CROWN & THE FLAME – Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown! Assume the role of the hero in this interactive narrative adventure.

– Form alliances and relationships to build your army.
– Dress in elegant fashions and powerful armor.
– Crush enemies in an epic battle!

❖ PERFECT MATCH – Sign up for the high-tech matchmaking services of Eros Incorporated, and master the dating game! Create your look, meet your perfect match, and fall in love in this thrilling mystery story!

– Customize your date to be your perfect match.
– Roleplay as a guy or a girl.
– Investigate a mystery with twists you won’t see coming!

You might also love:

❖ BLOODBOUND – You’re applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller!

❖ HIGH SCHOOL STORY – It’s your first day at a new high school! Make friends, find love, and attend the Homecoming dance. Relive your teen years in your very own High School Story!

…PLUS more new stories and chapters EACH WEEK!

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Choices Stories You Play Hack Click HERE


Choices Stories You Play Hack Click HERE

The new Episode update has made it harder to get unlimited passes (date and time hack), but these tips should help you to get it to WORK!

These tips apply to the current Episode update!! The current Episode Choose Your Story that I am using is the most recent one. The Episode update has made it harder to get unlimited passes, but hopefully with these tips you can get it to work! On the previous version of Episode there was an option to “Refer friends” to earn passes which allowed the date and time trick to work easily.


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